At Canine Thinking Dog Behaviour and Training, we are passionate about helping dogs and people! 


We believe sharing your life with your dog should be a joy, and developing the skills you need to achieve this should be a fun and rewarding part of that journey for both of you too.


So whether you're looking for an online course, need help with a complex behaviour issue, would like support with settling in (or choosing!) a new puppy or rescue dog, or just a hand to bring some new skills and fun into your training...

we look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.



Still struggling with fireworks? 

Our comprehensive fireworks and sound phobia course starts in March. 

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What we offer

Effective, caring, reward-based behaviour and training support from a highly qualified and professional companion animal behaviourist with over 10 years experience

We put welfare first, helping you support every aspect of your dog's wellbeing and with a strong, ethical code of conduct regulated by industry leading professional bodies. 


"We love seeing how relationships deepen between clients and their dogs when they work with us. Every programme is tailored specifically to your individual needs to help you achieve your goals"


Behaviourist. Training Instructor.

Owner of Canine Thinking


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Dog behaviour and training: online & covering Nantwich, Crewe, Chester, the North West, Midlands and Gloucestershire areas.

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