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Activity toys promote gentle physical activity, brain work and problem solving. They help keep boredom at bay, give outlets for essential breed behaviours and, used correctly, can help as part of behaviour improvement programmes too. Recent research has also shown that problem solving toys can help dogs with fearful or anxious behaviours.  


Activity toys are usually food based and provide ways to feed your dogs normal food (and extra treats if you like) through interesting activities which add fun and enrichment to their day. Some activities are designed for your dog to do on their own (after an initial period of introduction), others are for you and your dog to do together. 

These toys come in all different designs and with different levels of difficulty - it's important to choose toys which are appropriate to your dog's size and  experience - and meet their own personal preferences, which can take a bit of experimenting to find out!

To help you choose, we have divided the toys up into collections (shown below) based on food type (dry or wet), their intended use (to do alone or together) and we have also given each toy a difficulty rating based on our experience of most dogs and the complexity of the actions required to access the food. Each dog is different so these ratings aren't a precise science, but they'll give you an idea! There are notes and ideas in the description of each toy too. We also have a special section for 'super tough' toys - the ones which have stood the test of stronger, more powerful dogs and whilst no toy is completely indestructible, these can hold their own when used correctly. 

And if you need any further help, just drop us a message! 

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