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Sharing your life with a happy, well-adjusted dog, who enjoys hanging out with you, and whose manners and behaviours give you the confidence to do the activities you love together, is a joy. Almost all dogs need some level of education and support to develop the skills they need to do this, whether as a tiny puppy first venturing out into the big, wide world, or as an adult dog needing to adapt to the changing circumstances that life presents (both yours and theirs). 


For pet guardians, this is made easier and more enjoyable with expert guidance to do this positively, without force or fear, and using your dogs' natural behaviours and motivations so they feel enthused to offer you the behaviours that you want, as it's rewarding for them too. It makes for a fantastic partnership.

At Canine Thinking, we use only up-to-date, ethical, scientifically-proven, reward based behaviour modification and training methods which make learning straightforward and effective for both you and your dog …. and help you have some fun along the way too!  See 'About Us' for more information on our approach and methods. 

So which do I need? 

Training and behaviour work is definitely a continuum, rather than two distinct services, but behaviour work typically tends to be much more in depth and focuses on complex issues with an underlying emotional or mood state disorder, such as phobias, anxiety, fear and aggression.

Training is more about the mechanics of teaching  a particular action, like a sit, walking nicely on the lead, coming when called, or doing tricks for fun. Although we should add that emotions are really important in training too - teaching with happy emotions gets much better results, teaching through fear and force can actually lead to behaviour issues so is always to be avoided!

The most important thing for us is that you don't have to worry about whether you need a training or behaviour focused approach (or something in between), we simply help you work out what support will get you the best results and tailor this to your individual circumstances.

Some examples of how we work....

Off lead recall
Reactivity to dogs or people
Separation distress

Additional services to help our training and behaviour clients

Welcome Pack

A comprehensive guide to the basic concepts we will build on session by session. By adding your additional notes and handouts each time we meet, this develops into a personalised toolkit to support you and your dog in your future journey.

Detailed report for behaviour assessments

The nature of a behaviour assessment means we talk through quite a lot in that initial session - and this is vital to help you understand why your pet behaves in the way that they do so that the plan makes sense. We write this up into a carefully structured report so you have a resource to refer back to whenever you need. This can also be used to help other people who spend time with your pet be consistent as we get the plan underway.  

Activity toy library and loan equipment

Activity toys can be an important part of training and behaviour programmes. Some you can make and others are available to buy. We know that good quality activity toys can be expensive, so the toy library allows you to try different ones in between your training and behaviour sessions so you can find out what your dog really enjoys or add some variety to your existing collection! We also carry lots of loan training equipment for things that you might only need short term or for you to borrow while we order something in!

Phone and email support between sessions

In addition to the notes and handouts, we are always on hand to answer any queries you have in between sessions. Dogs are individuals, life happens and if things don't quite go to plan, we are here to support you every step of the way!

Vet liaison

All behaviour cases are seen with support from your vet to ensure any underlying medical issues are identified and addressed to give you the best chance of getting good improvements to your pet's behaviour. Pain, discomfort, ill health and behaviour difficulties are very closely correlated and sometimes we might need to work with your vet to arrange medication or to investigate issues that are very difficult to spot in a 10 minute consult in the surgery, but which can be quite apparent in a longer session in the dog's home environment. We work directly with your vet to help you with this - taking the stress out of any follow ups.   

Discounted food treats and toys

We have also teamed up with a range of suppliers (and scoured the internet) to be able to offer you a ‘personalised pet shop’ to provide all the essential things that we think you might need at the best prices we can find them for – so we take the time and hassle out of hunting things down to enable you to focus on your dog instead. We can also help you save some money in the process and avoid throwing away hard earned pennies on things that aren’t right for your dog. We have years of experience testing products with our own dogs and with clients so know the good, the great and what to avoid (!).



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