One to One help

Most of our clients choose one to one support (with the option to do an online course or join one of our membership groups alongside this). One to one help allows us to tailor a programme of work specifically to you and your dog and provide as much support as you need. It means we can focus every session on your specific requirements and work together at the pace and in the style which is most comfortable for you and your dog. This helps you achieve your goals much more quickly than in a group environment.

One to one sessions are often a mixture of in person sessions, either at home or one of our facilities and with online follow-up in between to help you keep on track. 

We have a small number of evening and Saturday appointments available to help you manage work and family commitments.

Enjoy life together at every age

Online or in person?

Usually you have a choice but at the moment, with Coronavirus restrictions, unfortunately you don't, it's online only! Rest assured is still the same service and quality, it's just a different way of working - and can be equally as effective for most behaviour and training cases.

It's actually not new! We have offered online, remote services for many years, both for clients who can't access an appropriately qualified and experienced behaviourist in their area and for some of our rescue partners who need support in remote parts of the UK or even other countries. 

We will guide you through the process (the technology is really easy) and yes, online sessions have practical elements with your dogs, demonstrations with our own dogs and lots of supportive coaching. Call us for a chat if you're unsure.

We can help with....

  • Settling in new rescues and puppies

  • Helping dogs learn great social skills and to feel safe and comfortable with people and other dogs (even if that currently feels impossible!)

  • Addressing complex behaviours like sound phobias or obsessive, repetitive activities

  • Helping dogs feel relaxed when left, reducing separation related distress

  • Navigating puppyhood and adolescence!

  • Supporting older dogs to cope with medical difficulties and cognitive dysfunction

  • Building great relationships between dogs and family members, including little people!

  • Teaching brilliant engagement and training skills, so you only have to ask your dog once and they can listen and make good choices

  • Working with vets to improve quality of life with chronic conditions, including pain

  • Building fantastic handling skills so grooming and vet care is easy, kind, co-operative and force-free

  • Assessing your dogs as part of child adoption and fostering applications (which is a requirement for some Authorities) and supporting you with a plan to  help your dog and new little person settle together.

  • Helping prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby (and we're told it helps you prepare yourselves a bit too!)

We offer you more than just the sessions!

Welcome Pack

A comprehensive guide to the basic concepts we will build on session by session. By adding your additional notes and handouts each time we meet, this develops into a personalised toolkit to support you and your dog in your future journey.

Phone and email support between sessions

In addition to the notes and handouts, we are always on hand to answer any queries you have in between sessions. Dogs are individuals, life happens and if things don't quite go to plan, we are here to support you every step of the way!

Vet liaison

All behaviour cases are seen with support from your vet to ensure any underlying medical issues are identified and addressed to give you the best chance of getting good improvements to your pet's behaviour. Pain, discomfort, ill health and behaviour difficulties are very closely correlated and sometimes we might need to work with your vet to arrange medication or to investigate issues that are very difficult to spot in a 10 minute consult in the surgery, but which can be quite apparent in a longer session in the dog's home environment. We work directly with your vet to help you with this - taking the stress out of any follow ups.   

Detailed report for some behaviour assessments

Some behaviour issues are complex and whilst we provide a summary plan from each assessment session, you also have the option for a more comprehensive report. For cases where dogs have bitten, or present significant safety risks, this is a requirement. The nature of a behaviour assessment means we talk through quite a lot in the initial session and for some people it is really helpful to have that written down in detail rather than summary form, particularly for sharing with other people who will be involved in your dog's care and training so that everyone has the same understanding of the issues and plan. 


Discounts on our online courses

Sometimes we have courses available which really complement your personalised training programme and it can be much more cost effective for you to access these yourself and come back to us with any queries rather than using 1:1 session time. We offer our clients significant discounts on these, or sometimes provide them for free!


Saving you money on food. treats, supplements and toys

We have also teamed up with a range of suppliers (and scoured the internet) to be able to offer you a ‘personalised pet shop’ to provide all the essential things that we think you might need at the best prices we can find them for – so we take the time and hassle out of hunting things down to enable you to focus on your dog instead. We can also help you save some money in the process and avoid throwing away hard earned pennies on things that aren’t right for your dog. We have years of experience testing products with our own dogs and with clients so know the good, the great and what to avoid (!)



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