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A well-fitted harness is really, really important. If your dog walks beautifully on a loose lead, never pulls to a sniff, never goes on a long-line, then you can probably use a collar, but for most dogs, we strongly advocate using a harness to prevent damage and discomfort to the delicate neck area. We hear lots of myths about harnesses increasing pulling, but the truth is that a comfy dog is far more likely to be relaxed and therefore have lower arousal levels and walk better. We would also add that NO piece of equipment is a magic fix for pulling on the lead - that comes down to training - but the right equipment can improve wellbeing and make walking a kinder, nicer experience for both of you. 

Perfect fit harnesses are, in general, the only harnesses we consistently recommend and fit for our clients.

  • specifically designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness - helping to reduce pulling, rubbing and friction and the Y shape front and fleece covered pieces are super comfortable and minimise any restriction to movement.

  • they have an additional front D-ring which can be used with a double ended lead to help dogs walk in balance and can provide some extra support and control if needed

  • the modular design means we can achieve the most precise, comfortable fit of any harness on the market. There is no need to lift legs or push it over heads to put on or take off, it neatly unclips so is a nicer fitting experience

  • they wash and wear beautifully (ours go in the washing machine pretty much every day in the Winter!)

So how does a Perfect Fit harness fit? 

3 separate pieces which clip together 

          - top piece (coloured)

          - y-shaped front piece

          - girth

each of those pieces is available in different width fleece and in multiple sizes! This is what gives the custom fit (using 5 points of adjustment)

they are really easy to put on, but the key is getting the right size combination of pieces for your individual dog and this isn't always straightforward, so we do it for you! 

Our sizing and fitting service

Every harness INCLUDES our virtual fitting service and there is also an option to book an in-person fitting session too.


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