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This is all about helping the body extract and absorb the nutrients it needs from food as efficiently as possible, and eliminate the things that it doesn't need. If the digestive system isn't working at its best, it can have an impact not only on physical wellbeing but on behaviour too.... and vice-versa, stress (environmental, dietary, physical, behavioural) can have a very negative effect on how well the digestive tract functions. We see a huge correlation between digestive issues and behaviour issues and find that addressing them together can really help our dogs to improve and feel well much more quickly. 

These supplements are NOT any sort of substitute for proper, professional veterinary advice (probiotics are amazing things, but they are not a magic cure for parasites, obstructions, allergies or underlying disease, so if you suspect your pet has any sort of gastro-intestinal discomfort or concerns, you must see your vet first)

There are a few things we then tend to use to support digestion.


- pre- and probiotics (prebiotics are the food the probiotics eat)

- food-state multivitamins and minerals (which are designed to be recognised by the body as food and therefore more easily absorbed)

- 'superfoods' like spirulina, chlorella, slippery elm and a few others

- herbal supplements (for example Dandelion root extract)

The choice and combination depends very much on the individual pet and with our own dogs we don't give all of these things all of the time, but tend to do some regular 'pulsing' (time using the supplement, time without) and add in things as needed at times of stress, illness and so on.

The comprehensive 'all rounder' in the selection below is 'spark' by pet wellbeing. Brilliant product, we really like it and this is one that can be used on an ongoing basis. But it isn't the only option and the doggie dophilus is a great starting point for improving gut microbiome with a range of probiotic strains that work along the length of the digestive tract. 

Yudigest plus is a staple we always have in our cupboards for times of tummy upset. Its a mix of probiotics, prebiotics but also kaolin which can help bind everything back together again. And its really easy to administer either by sprinkling in food, or, if your pet is off food, mix with a little water and syringe into their mouth.

And so, we say it again, as with all supplements, these work best when tailored to your dog so speak to your own vet, or a holistic or herbal vet with a good knowledge of nutrition and herbs. 





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