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Pain is hugely under-diagnosed in dogs and particularly chronic conditions like arthritis yet there are easy and effective things you can put in place to help with both prevention and management. 

As ever, these supplements are NOT any sort of substitute for proper, professional veterinary advice. Joint conditions require lots of different types of management, not just supplements (not even just medication for that matter), but supplements may play a role as part of this) so if you suspect your pet has any sort of pain, you must see your vet first.

In simple terms, a key aspect of joint health is maintaining the balance between regeneration and growth of new cells and the removal of old and damaged ones. Acute injuries clearly impact this, but the process changes with age too and is impacted by nutrition, environmental and lifestyle factors too.

Omega 3 is one of the few supplements to have really good, solid research underpinning its use for inflammatory and chronic pain conditions, but the source of the Omega 3 and the level of dosage is important. Please do not use cod liver oil for pets; vitamins A and D are stored in the liver and cod liver oil is typically very high in these which can cause a risk of toxicity in pets.


Turmeric (and, more to the point, the curcuminoids contained in it) has a growing body of research behind it, but turmeric root itself has limited bioavailability and fairly low levels of the essential curcumin within. Golden paste is turmeric blended with coconut oil and black pepper which improve absorption. In the other turmeric based supplement we use, Cytopet Joint Support,  the curcumin extract (not whole turmeric) is in a form to have a high bioavailability to the body and this product also contains Boswellia which has a long history of traditional use and is now even included in some veterinary specific formulas. 

We use Omega 3s with all our dogs, initially to support maintaining good joint health (amongst other things) and hopefully reducing the onset of age related issues and then later in life as part of a management plan alongside the curcumin and boswellia based supplements. We have found that they can really help with discomfort management, however, prescription pain relief is usually a must alongside these, particularly as conditions progress - remember dogs conceal pain very effectively and also can't just take a tablet themselves if they are sore (like we can), they rely on us to keep them pain free.

Yumove Advance 360 is a product which we use regularly for pets with more severe joint problems but this is available only through a vet. We see some great results with it, particularly for things like arthritis and often use it alongside one of the curcumin based supplements. Please note that Yumove Advance 360 is NOT the Yumove which you can buy online or in shops, it is ONLY available through your vet. 


Free Work can be a very helpful exercise as part of chronic pain management too (release of postural tension through small voluntary movements) - click here for the introduction to Free Work course 

And remember it is just as important to look after you too, so we have popped in here the human joint supplements which certain members of the Canine Thinking team take on a regular basis to help keep sore joints moving - we can offer no advice on these, but can highly recommend from a personal perspective! 

Remember - please see your vet first to get a proper diagnosis and advice. But hopefully these supplements may then be helpful as part of an overall programme. 

And to help our human clients look after themselves too...


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