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Online courses are a super way to discover new activities to do with your dog and grow your knowledge at a pace to suit you! 

We offer courses on a range of topics from working on behaviour problems like separation difficulties to enrichment and wellbeing for a calm, relaxed dog. 


We also offer 1:1 behaviour and training support online which you can find here.


Our Circle of Paws membership groups will be opening soon!  


Courses are grouped together by topic to help you find what you need

Help your dog relax and engage with you

Online Course ACE Free Work Level 1
Online Course ACE Free Work Level 2
Online Course Introduction to TTouch Body Work

An essential tool for all canine guardians


  • to help your dog be more relaxed

  • for settling in a new puppy or rescue dog

  • for being comfortable with grooming/vets

  • for improving separation

  • to help with reactivity to dogs/people

  • as part of physical conditioning and rehabilitation


The applications are endless - and most importantly, it can form part of your dog's daily enrichment activities and will help take your relationship to a whole new level of understanding. 

Transform the way you understand your dog


We take the foundation skills you learn at Level 1 and guide you through how to analyse behaviour and posture in much more detail and then apply that knowledge to help you achieve real improvements to common behaviour and training issues.


Build relaxation through gentle contact


TTouch is a wonderful system of non-invasive body contact (very gentle touches) and non-habitual movements which activates the nervous system:


  • to help reduce stress and release tension

  • to improve balance and movement

  • to increase relaxation (for you and your dog!)

  • to build positive associations with physical contact and enhance communication. 


Deepen your connection with your dog as we guide you through the  core body work ‘TTouches’ and some of their many applications for wellbeing and behaviour. 


Help your dog settle

Online Course Separation Success in Dogs Level 1
Online Course Separation Success in Dogs Level 2
Online Course Separation Success in Dogs Level 3


We are currently receiving lots of calls about dogs who are finding it hard to cope with the change to their routine during the current Coronavirus measures!

We cover

  • when separation issues might arise

  • the main factors behind separation issues

  • three easy areas where you can make a difference straight away

  • how to recognise if you have a separation problem and get some extra help

Please don't wait until you return to work to find out your dog isn't going to cope (even if they were previously fine!)


Prevent separation issues in puppies and rescues. Improve existing mild to moderate separation related problems

This is a six week self-study course (and amazing value at less than £10 per week!) but you can work through it more slowly or quickly if you prefer!


Includes videos on training a 'safe space' and has a guide on troubleshooting key issues like house-training, barking and settling overnight.

If you work through Level 2 and find you need Level 3, we give you a discount to help you continue your separation training.


Taking this course also gives you a 10% discount on any one to one online support sessions from the Canine Thinking behaviour team for the six week course duration.

For moderate to severe existing problems


This course is geared to dogs who find separation really hard or where the problem has been there for quite a while:


  • we break everything down into tiny, manageable steps 

  • there are lots of additional exercises to build the life skills your dog might be missing 

  • we can even help you to look at medication through your vet

This course is expected to take you at least 3 months, and may be longer depending on the severity of the issues.

We give you 3 months free access to our Separation Success online support group and 15% discount on any one to one sessions with our behaviour team.



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