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Sharing your life with a happy, well-adjusted dog, who enjoys hanging out with you, and whose manners and behaviours give you the confidence to do the activities you love together, is a joy. Almost all dogs need some level of education and support to develop the skills they need to do this, whether as a tiny puppy first venturing out into the big, wide world, or as an adult dog needing to adapt to the changing circumstances that life presents (both yours and theirs). 


For pet guardians, this is made easier and more enjoyable with expert guidance to do this positively, without force or fear, and using your dogs' natural behaviours and motivations so they feel enthused to offer you the behaviours that you want, as it's rewarding for them too. It makes for a fantastic partnership.

At Canine Thinking, we use only up-to-date, ethical, scientifically-proven behaviour modification and training methods which make learning straightforward and effective for both you and your dog …. and help you have some fun along the way too!  See 'About Us' for more information on our approach and methods. 

So which do I need? 

Training and behaviour work is definitely a continuum, rather than two distinct services, but behaviour work typically tends to be much more in depth and focuses on complex issues with an underlying emotional or mood state disorder, such as phobias, anxiety, fear and aggression.

Training is more about the mechanics of teaching  a particular action, like a sit, walking nicely on the lead, coming when called, or doing tricks for fun. Emotions are really important in training too (teaching with happy emotions gets much better results!) but the focus is more on learning methods. 

The most important thing for us is that you don't have to worry about whether you need a training or behaviour focused approach, we simply help you work out what support will get you the best results and tailor this to your individual circumstances.

Some examples....

Reactivity to dogs or people
Off lead recall
Separation distress

Additional services to help our clients

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