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A pet shampoo which is free from parabens and nasties, has plastic free packaging, is handmade in the UK, tested on people, just a mild scent for sensitive doggie noses and a real pleasure to use for those occasions when a bath becomes essential.


We leave one of these in the car too for 'post walk emergencies' - no risk of leaky bottles!


Ingredients: Be: calm - goat’s milk, chamomile & lavender extracts, follicle boosters & botanicals.


Ingredients: Be: vegan - hemp, chamomile & lavender extracts, helichrysm, follicle boosters & botanicals.


Ingredients: Be: clean - our fox poo emergency stand-by - tea tree, follicle boosters & botanicals.


Each bar 110g

Be: Loved - Shampoo Bars



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