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Does your dog love to chase balls? Here’s a great set to introduce some more fun into the experience.


The ChuckIt! Fetch Medley is a set of three balls.


The Whistler Ball softly whistles as you throw it. Your dog will be able to hear it as it hurls through the air and the chase will be even more exciting. It’s also an excellent ball for any dog that is visually impaired. 


The Max Glow ball glows in the dark. Place it in sunlight or under a lamp for 5 – 10 minutes, where it will absorb UV rays and begin to glow. It’s a fun ball to take out in twilight or at night in the garden, but please choose a safe area. Your dog can see it as it hurls through the air, and, just in case it doesn't quite come back (!), you’ll be able to find it too.

Chuckit Fetch Medley (pack of 3)



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