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Fab brand, based in Yorkshire and strong advocates of the Campaign for Real Pet Food. Everything is made in the EU (not in China).


These are a couple of favourites out of their range of air dried meat treats. We deliberated whether to list these under chews or treats - for little dogs, or gentle chewers, these two in the range actually last quite a while.


For bigger dogs or those who chew with great enthusiasm, they tend to disappear quite quickly so we think they are better chopped up and used as extra tasty training treats, which is where we have listed the rest of the range!


No GMO ingredients, artificial additives, fillers, sugars or salt.


Ingredients: Beef 100% beef

Ingredients: Chicken 100% chicken



Feelwells Meat Strips



Dog behaviour and training: online & covering Nantwich, Crewe, Chester, the North West, Midlands and Gloucestershire areas.

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