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A really handy pre-made version of golden paste (and frankly, life is too short to make your own at home!)


A natural anti-inflammatory (based on traditional use) which can help support healthy joints.


Contains: Turmeric - natural anti-inflammatory (produced without steam treatment or irradiation to preserve the key components). Curcumin is the important component in turmeric and levels in this golden paste are 5.1% minimum. Apple cider vinegar to provide quercetin, cold pressed organic coconut oil, cracked black pepper and ceylon cinnamon to help with absorption.


No GM, no grains and no artificial colours or flavours.

It can be quite a strong flavour, but most dogs seem to tolerate it well as long as it is built up slowly. Bug has hers in a piece of ham and it slips down without touching the sides!!!

Golden Paste - 200g



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