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This is our preferred Omega 3 product, but please note it is NOT specifically produced for pets, it is a human supplement (which we take ourselves as well actually!) but it is of very high quality, produced only from wild sardines, anchovies and mackerel, ethically sourced from one of the most bio-diverse seas, scrupulously screened for PCBs and other pollutants and gently purified to keep the essential nutrients.


Just as importantly, this is extracted from skin and bones (not livers) and the Higher Nature team have confirmed to us that it does not have the stored Vitamin A and D that is found in fish oils produced from livers (which can cause toxicity in pets). We have a number of pets (including our own) who use this product under the guidance of their vet, because of its quality and the fact that the breakdown of the constituents is clear and easy to calculate, but as this product is produced for people, you must speak to your own vet if you intend to use it for your pet, to determine IF it is suitable AND what dose to use. We are unable to provide any advice on this.


Higher Nature are another great UK company who produce good quality supplements: they take care with their supply chain and manufacturing processes, ensure that their products are properly formulated by nutritionists and are as bioavailable as possible and are certified non-GM and pesticide-free.

Higher Nature - Omega 3 Fish Oil



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