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These bite size sausage treats are brilliant super-high-value rewards for training and come in a range of tasty flavours, we guarantee your pooches will LOVE them!


They're made from fresh british meat, air dried to retain the nutrients and flavour but are still fairly moist and easy to break up into even tinier pieces if you want to (depending on the size of your dog)!


Grain free and hypoallergenic. 


Ingredients: Duck and Cranberry 80% British duck, potato, vegetable glycerine, cranberries (2%), minerals.


Ingredients: Venison and Apple 80% British venison, vegetable glycerine, diced apple (4%), minerals.


Ingredients: Venison and Potato 80% British venison, vegetable glycerine, potato, minerals


70g bags



Innocent Hound Treats



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