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This stuff is AMAZING! What more can we say? High quality human grade meat, no offal, low fat, easy to digest - just made from meat and small amounts of organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals for vitamins and minerals.


You can dice and slice it into whatever size pieces you like, stuff it into things, blitz and spread it, grate it for sprinkles..... it can even be fed as a complete food.


It is hugely appealing to almost every dog, really meaty, but the texture is much more manageable in your pocket than actual pieces of meat you cook yourself. It's easy to tear with your fingers and also holds it shape and is perfect for throwing.


Great range of flavours and a huge thumbs up from our chief taste testers - we pretty much never leave home without it! We find the 400g size to be the most useful as it is really economical - if your dog is tiny, just freeze into portions, either as 'mini blocks' or ready chopped into treat sizes and stuffed in ice-cube trays.

JR Pate (various flavours!)



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