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Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Food/Treats: Wet and Dry

Interactivity: Do Together

Durability: Fairly Tough



These toys are fantastic. They build concentration, problem solving, frustration tolerance and are just great fun to do together. They encourage dexterity (using noses and toes) too.


We think these toys are best done together so that you can reward your dog for approaching it calmly and not simply trying to flip it over to release the treat.


These toys do have a difficulty grading, but we actually find it varies greatly by the dogs natural behaviour preferences when searching and manipulating objects - the easiest toy for some can be pretty hard for others.


The spinny game is actually quite hard for most dogs and needs some slightly more gentle dexterity to spin the outer top cover around to move the hole over the various 'pockets' underneath to access the goodies they contain.

Nina Ottosson - Dog Spinny



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