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Stress Gold is a quick-acting, non-addictive, herbal formula designed for dogs. This herbal combination naturally supports the central nervous system in times of nervous tension or heightened states of emotion.


We find this most useful to support short term immediate anxiety or fear inducing situations (storms, fireworks, vet visits, changes in routine). It can cause some pets to feel a little more tired or sleepy (as many quick acting acute stress remedies do) and we don't use it for medium to longer term situations.


Herbal preparations are generally very bitter and unpalatable to most pets. Pet Wellbeing address this by adding a small amount of natural bacon flavouring and whilst it isn't to every dog's taste, it certainly seems to improve palatability compared to other herbal preparations we have used!


There is a guidance dose on the bottle but we discuss with our vets and usually start below this as some pets can be very sensitive to herbal preparations. The effects are monitored and then we can gradually increase if needed. But it's another reason why you should discuss with your vet first. See the additional pictures for the information provided by the company on the properties of each of the constituent herbs AND contra-indications for use. This is a freely available over the counter supplement, but we strongly recommend that you speak to your own vet or a herbal vet before using any herbal product (natural does not mean harmless or safe for every pet - they work because they have an effect on the body!). This is essential if your pet is on ANY medications or other supplements or has ANY underlying medical conditions.


Pet Wellbeing is made in the United States, but they are the only supplements of this type we have so far used successfully, they are a well-established company founded and run by vets and with rigorous, science-based product development, ingredient sourcing and testing processes. Herbs are certified 100% organic and the company adheres to human supplement quality standards. They have a UK distribution point too. They also offer an advice service. It is no substitute for speaking with your own vet who knows your pet, but it can be a helpful addition and we have found them very willing to chat with our vets too! Take a team approach to your pet's wellbeing. The advice line for the UK is 020 3695 0978.

Pet Wellbeing Stress Gold for Dogs - 59ml



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