Activity Toys By Difficulty

There is no single way of categorising activity toys and some of it does depend on your dog! Do they prefer to use paws or noses to approach new objects? How confident are they with noises and movement? Do they prefer licking or chewing?

However, over the years we have seen some clear trends in what dogs tend to find easy, a bit more tricky and really quite hard and have used this knowledge to form the guide below. Please also remember that choosing the right size is important and that difficulty can often be increased by how you set up the activity and whether or not you make it interactive and add extra 'challenges' for your dog to focus on! Some toys appear in more than one collection for that reason!

And it isn't just about making it as hard as possible. Too difficult and your dog will become frustrated and your risk them losing interest or, worse, it becoming a negative exercise for them. Start easy and build your way up together! 

Easy: Great for getting started, fairly easy to manipulate to access the food.

Medium: These toys need a bit more dexterity and co-ordination

Hard: Need significant dexterity and/or some problem solving skills!



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